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Shipping Warranty & Policy

All Fellowship Chair products are warranted against shipping-related damage.

NEVER WAIVE YOUR SIGNATURE ON ANY DELIVERY. If you waive your right to inspect the delivery but sign upon arrival and the goods are damaged, you forfeit all product warranties related to the damaged goods.

Follow these steps to protect your rights and the Fellowship Chair products you have ordered:

On arrival, immediately inspect the shipment for obvious signs of damage. This could include fallen stacks of chairs, loose product, punctures, signs of excessive moisture, and so on. It is your right and obligation to inspect the load no matter what the driver says.

CONFIRM QUANTITIES RECEIVED. Compare the number of stacks and/or individual units as described on the Bill of Lading or Packing Slip. Do not sign the delivery receipt unless the numbers are correct.

CONFIRM NO SHIPPING DAMAGE. If you notice any obvious damage, indicate to the driver. If there is indeed shipping-related damage, notify the freight company, provide your delivery receipt number and report the damage. Take photos, forward them to Fellowship Chair, and call us---we’ll work with the freight company and resolve the matter.

SIGN DELIVERY RECEIPT IF PRODUCT IS SHIPPED IN GOOD ORDER. Sign the delivery receipt if there is no damage and the counts are correct. If there are any discrepancies or you have any concerns immediately contact our Customer Service Department (1-800-253-0248) before signing or allowing the driver to leave.

Fellowship Chair shall at its sole discretion either repair or replace its products damaged during the shipping process.

We appreciate your business, and we’ll work hard to ensure our products are delivered safely to you!

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